Personal Conversations–Organ Donation: Out of the Shadows

Thursday, March 18, 2021    
7:45 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT
Organ Donation: Out of the Shadows
People may shy away from discussing organ donation … until they or a loved one face a crisis. In the USA alone, 117,000 people currently await a lifesaving new organ. We hope to highlight the incredible mitzvah of registering for and supporting organ donation. 
This program will illuminate the types of donation, the registry system, today’s medical boundaries, the halachic framework, and ethical dilemmas. We’ll also hear some personal stories from people who have been on the giving and receiving ends.  
We’re honored to present as speakers:
Rabbi Dr. Elliot N. Dorff – Rector and Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy, American Jewish University; Chair of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.
Dr. Amy L. Friedman – Transplant Surgeon and the Chief Medical Officer/ Executive Vice President of LiveOnNY, an organ donation network, support, and outreach program.
Dr. Michael Kaner – Dentist in the Philadephia area
Jeanette M. Brownstein – Florida Region Torah Fund Vice President.