Mishpachah: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Identities

Thursday, February 9, 2023    
7:30 pm EST - 9:00 pm EST

[This Program is scheduled on Eastern Time Zone]

Thursday, February 9th

7:30 PM ET

Exploring LGBTQ+ Identities
Building Bridges . . . Creating Community

We live in a world in which our family members may be exploring new identities. Words like “cisgender, nonbinary, transgender and queer” (to name a few) may feel new to us. We seek greater understanding. To support our LGBTQ+ family members, we can learn about identity terms we may not yet have encountered. Some of us may also struggle with what appropriate pronouns to use. We will have the opportunity to learn affirming language and correct pronoun usage, Join Keshet and WLCJ for a two-part series which will provide us with foundational knowledge and shared language, so that we can better understand and affirm the important people in our lives. Attend both sessions or choose the one that interests you. Please be aware that the second session is predicated on the knowledge presented at the first one.

Topic: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Identities

This training is designed to familiarize participants with the basics of building LGBTQ+ equality and belonging. Join our co- facilitators, Jackie Maris (pronouns: she/her/hers), Chicago Education and Training Manager, Rakhel Silverman (pronouns: they/them/theirs), New York Education and Training Manager as we cover LGBTQ+ terms and concepts. Bring your questions and concerns with you.



Fran Hildebrandt

Mishpachah Chair