Metro North Sisterhood Program: Ashkenazi Food Journey – The Shtetl Kitchen with The Gefilteria

Wednesday, March 9, 2022    
12:00 pm EST - 1:30 pm EST

[This Program is scheduled on Eastern Time Zone]

Wednesday, March 9th at 12 PM Noon

Join Jeffrey Yoskowitz, Jewish food expert, author, and co-owner of The Gefilteria for a dynamic presentation on The Shtetl Kitchen. Yoskowitz will explore Eastern European Jewish foodways past and present, as well as his own journey with the cuisine of his ancestors. Hear about his exciting discoveries about seasonal Jewish eating, holiday cooking, and culinary wisdom. You’ll learn the cultural context for many classic dishes, such as gefilte fish, pickles, cabbage, kugel, and more. Get ready to transform everything you thought you knew about Ashkenazi gastronomy!
This event is free of charge and is sponsored by the Women’s Network f Park Avenue Synagogue.

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Metro North Region President, Lisa Green: