Let’s Talk! WLCJ Individual Members’ Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, January 31, 2024    
7:30 pm EST - 8:30 pm EST

[This Program is scheduled on Eastern Time Zone]

Wednesday, January 31st – 7:30 PM ET  (for about one hour)

This will be a participatory event: We’ll each introduce ourselves and “break the ice” by answering a friendly question in a few words.

WLCJ leaders will bring you news, note upcoming events, and answer questions.

We further invite you to a conversation as we share our own personal journeys to becoming aware and focused on the environment, as reflected in our evolving personal habits, Jewish festival practices, and the other routines of our lives. Please share your thoughts to help make this an engaging conversation among Jewish women.

Future virtual meetings will keep the conversation going, as Individual Members build connections with one another. Bring your ideas about topics that interest you.

Thank you for being a WLCJ Individual Member. If you haven’t yet renewed for the 2023-2024 year, you’ll be prompted to do so as you register for this event.
Registration is only open to WL Individual Members, in North America, you must log in (https://www.wlcjmembers.org/member_login.php) to register for this session. If you need assistance, please contact the office (405) 870-1260.
Participation in this program is a benefit of your membership. 
Doreen Bornfreund                        Susan Farber                  Vivian Leber
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