How to Live Forever – Thursday, July 22nd @ 7:30PM ET

Thursday, July 22, 2021    
7:30 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT

How to Live Forever–Session 4

Dealing with All Those Pictures and Documents

Our presenter will be Robbie Terman, director of the Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives at the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. With a master’s degree in Library and Information Science and Archival Administration, plus more than twelve years’ experience, Robbie is on a mission to ensure the past is not forgotten.o you have a basement overflowing with boxes of family photos, old letters, children’s artwork and other assorted papers and documents? Have you spent years avoiding these boxes because you don’t know how to start organizing them? Then this workshop is for you!

She will share tips and tricks to help make organizing your family’s historic documents and photographs a snap. Topics will include techniques to easily arrange the contents of your collection and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed, what type of supplies to use and why, and where to store your finished product to increase its longevity. You’ll leave this workshop with the skills of a pro!

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This is the fourth program in a series presented by The Archives and Education Department to encourage our members to create, save and pass on their personal archives.  Future sessions in the series, “How to Live Forever: Sharing Your Story with Future Generations”, will include information on family heirlooms on October 7th, and creative ways to share family archives on December 16th.