Fall 2023 – WLCJ Classes: Learn Hebrew and Read from the Prayerbook

Thursday, October 12, 2023 - Friday, October 13, 2023    
All Day

New WLCJ Classes starting this Fall to Learn Hebrew and Read from the Prayerbook

Are you interested in:

  • Learning or reviewing the Hebrew alphabet and communal prayers?
  • Expanding your Jewish literacy skills, confidence, and sense of connection with Judaism?

In the Beginner Hebrew Course, students will learn how to recognize the letters of the aleph bet, read basic words in the Siddur, and follow along in the service. Each student will be provided a virtual copy of Shalom Aleichem, by Noah Golinkin, for use in the class.

In the Advanced Beginner Hebrew Course, students will continue to refine their reading skills by learning blessings for Friday evening, several kaddishes, and many Shabbat morning  prayers, all while emphasizing reading fluency.

To be in the Intermediate Hebrew Course, students should be proficient at reading (sounding out few words) and will improve their fluency through the following prayers: ashrei, the musaf Amidah, aleinu, the v’ahavtah and following paragraphs, and many other prayers for holidays.

Registration confirms your desire to take the class; however it does not guarantee your placement in the class. Registration is based on first come-first served and class size is very limited. 

Classes begin the week of October 12/13, 2023.

Questions? Contact Rachel Ferber at rferber@wlcj.org.


Registration is only open to WL members, you must log in (https://www.wlcjmembers.org/member_login.php) to register. If you need assistance, please contact the office (405) 870-1260.