Everything You Need for Passover [USCJ]

Everything You Need for Passover:

Hosting a Seder for People New to Judaism or the Seder
“So, you’re hosting a seder and you are expecting guests who might be new to Judaism or new to Passover? Well, my friend, you have picked the perfect holiday to do so.” Read on for more tips on hosting your first Seder.

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The Passover Preparation Checklist
We know that preparing for Passover can feel like a daunting task. There are so many things to plan for! Food, utensils, guests! Don’t worry, because Exploring Judaism has your back!

With this handy checklist, you will be fully ready for Passover in no time!

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How to Kasher Your Kitchen: A Simplified Guide
This is a simplified guide on how to kasher (make kosher) various items in your kitchen, especially for Passover. Read on to learn more.

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The Four Questions Hotline
Welcome to the Exploring Judaism Four Questions Hotline, with Passover Cleaning Support!

We are here to answer your questions.

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FREE Passover Reader: Not A Haggadah
Passover is a powerful story of redemption and liberation. One of the core ways we orient ourselves to those themes is with an organized story, the Passover Seder.

This year (2024/5784), we are excited to publish a Passover Reader to help you prepare for the holiday and enhance your seder experience.

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A Seat for Those Who Can’t Come Home
This year, we encourage an extra setting at your table — an empty chair for our family still in captivity in Gaza.

This ritual is yours to shape: you may choose to leave the chair empty or put a sign or a list of the captives in the seat or on the plate. The poignancy will remain – it is empty as we engage in joy. Learn more by reading the guide linked below.

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Prayers for the Hostages
As we sit down for the Passover seder this year, we are heartbroken that hostages remain captive in Gaza. Every year we begin the seder by welcoming those who are in need into our homes. This year, as we recite Ha Lahma Anya, we also remember the hostages and invite their names and stories to be shared. View this prayer for hostages in Gaza by clicking below.

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To learn more about Shabbat Candles and the Beginning of Shabbat – Click Here