Partner with Masorti for Purim Mitzvot

As the war in Gaza continues, we ask for your partnership and support for the activities and projects of the Masorti Movement and our kehillot (congregations), helping those affected by the hostilities. Your unwavering solidarity and unity help bolster our pride as Masorti/Conservative Jews during this time of need.

We ask you to support our Purim campaign through the following opportunities:

  • Designate a gift for Mishloach Manot (food gifts) for IDF lone soldiers, brave men and women who made Aliyah and do not have close family in Israel.
  • Designate a gift for Matanot La’aevyonim (gifts for those in need), supporting displaced families from both the North and South of Israel (a project of Kehillat Maayanot in Jerusalem).

We wish you a Purim Sameach!

Please use this link to participate in these mitzvot of Purim and to send love and support to Israel. You can choose how to designate your gift in the drop-down menu in the link.

Download images to share these mitzvot

Please feel free to download the following files to share these mitzvah opportunities with your synagogue, school, organization, family, friends and more.

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Downloads to recite at home, in your synagogue and at other gatherings: