Everything You Need for Purim (+ Passover Prep!)


Adding Some Shenanigans to your Purim
For those who want to add a bit more whimsy to your Purim celebration, we’ve created a few resources that you might find enjoyable. Be sure to check out our printable Purim Fortune Tellers and Purim Bingo
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The Four Mitzvot of Purim
“In celebrating Purim, our tradition outlines four special mitzvot for the holiday. 
This article will go through each of the four mitzvot with an explanation of “how-to” and some ideas about how to make it fit into your lifestyle and availability.”
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16 Facts about Purim and the Book of Esther
Learn about the nature of the book of Esther, it’s placement in the Tanakh and more!
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The Passover Preparation Checklist
How to prepare for Passover? What do you need to do to prepare for Passover?
Your 30-Day-ish (or less) Steps To Prepare for Passover. Download our checklist.
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Passover Kashrut Questions and Answers
Every year, the Rabbinical Assembly publishes a Pesah Kashrut Guide to help us with the many steps for preparing for Passover. You can find 5784’s guide here.
However, you might find yourself with some additional questions! Find your question or ask a new one here.
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Engaging Kids of All Ages in the Passover Seder
Read our top five tips for engaging children in the Passover seder.
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Fury and Fermentation: A Hasidic Teaching for Pesach
Should our anger be a form of hametz forbidden year-round?
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