WL Mothers of Olim

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism sponsors Mothers of Olim, a group founded prior to the emergence of Zoom. Initially the members helped each other ship packages to their children who had made Aliyah, immigrated to Israel. With the dawn of Covid and Zoom, Mothers of Olim became a lifeline to women around the globe when we weren’t permitted to visit our loved ones. We meet online once a month, support each other emotionally, and share news and events. When travel resumed, we continued to Zoom to discuss pertinent topics. When the war broke out, we needed a platform to vent and share.

Our monthly discussions include guest speakers, virtual tours with tour guides and topics such as volunteer opportunities, banking, retirement communities, Aliyah, health care, challenges of purchasing property in Israel, challenges faced in Israel, and of course our children, grandchildren and families. Between our monthly Zooms, we send emails to one another, sharing what is occurring and seeking advice. Members have had the opportunity to meet one in person when attending conferences and conventions, or when visiting cities around North America and Israel. 

This group has made a major impact on the lives of women who miss being with their families. And now this group holds us together during this dangerous war. I accidentally found out about Mother’s of Olim prior to Covid and have been grateful for the support and friendships the group provided me. Recently a fellow member helped me ship a suitcase to my children. I went from being an active member to taking on a National Board position as Chair of this rewarding group.

If you have children, grandchildren or family who made Aliyah, please join our group. It is so comforting to care and share with other women who walk in the same shoes. You are very welcome to join us. Please contact Renee Seal for further information and Zoom link, Bubbyrenee18@aol.com.

We look forward to “meeting” you.