Tu Bishvat from the Masorti Foundation

Invitation to the Seder Tu Bishvat in Hostage Square on the eve of Tu Bishvat. May the verse on the invitation speedily come to pass: “… every family shall sit under its own vine and fig tree, with no one to disturb them…” (Micah 4:4)

The Masorti Movement in Israel cordially invites you to join us at our Seder Tu Bishvat, at Hostage Square in Tel Aviv, on Wednesday, 24th January. You can join us in-person in Israel at 6 pm, or live on Facebook, at 11 am EST/8 am PST. Click here for Masorti Israel’s Facebook page, where the seder will be broadcast.

We will use a specially compiled haggadah for the seder, which highlights the plight of our hostages, evacuees and soldiers, as well as calling for unity among our people. The seder will be graced by the presence of family members of the hostages, some of whom will take an active part.

You can download the new Hebrew haggadah here.

And here you can download a bilingual Hebrew/English version, adapted for use in congregations abroad.

The Hebrew haggadah will be used by a number of our kehillot at their own Tu Bishvat activities. The bilingual version will be used by congregations abroad and also at joint activities between Masorti kehillot in Israel and Conservative/Masorti congregations abroad.

We hope and pray that Tu Bishvat will mark a renewal in the efforts to bring our hostages home.

Please join us on Wednesday,
Rakefet Ginsberg
CEO & Executive Director, Masorti Movement



No ifs, ands, or buts in Jewish unity

We can either all unite around a shared narrative and ethos, despite our differences, or find ourselves pulled back into the internal wars in a sad and predictable process.

Click here to read this article by Masorti’s CEO, Rakefet Ginsberg, published in the Jerusalem Post on 17th Janaury.

If we don’t dismantle the fear of each other – we will bring about the next massacre

We’re all afraid of each other, and this fear is becoming stronger than our fear about what the enemy might do, God forbid, and what the future holds. Therefore, we need a different type of leadership, one that will be successful in dismantling our fears.

For our Hebrew readers, click here to read this article by Rakefet Ginsberg, Masorti’s CEO, which appeared in Makor Rishon (associated with Religious Zionism and the conservative right-wing), on 18th January.



Downloads to recite at home, in your synagogue and at other gatherings:

Every year, NOAM chapters celebrate with a special local Shabbaton. Above are some of our NOAM members around Israel who are enjoying the special Shabbat atmosphere, during the months of January and February.




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