Prayer for Israel by Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields

Prayer for Israel – Written by Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields
updated October 11, 2023

Rebbono Shel Olam, Our God in Heaven, we have heavy hearts, as we grapple with understanding how such terror and evil can occur in our world.

It is our responsibility to support the State of Israel, as they fight pure evil; pure terror – for that is what it is when innocent civilians are brutally attacked, and taken hostage – men, women, children – babies – grandparents – captured and killed.

Adonai, God, we pray for the speedy release of the captives.

We pray for the souls of the civilians and soldiers who have perished.

O God, we ask for healing of body, soul and spirit, to those who have been physically, mentally and emotionally wounded.

We pray for victory for the State of Israel – we need to fight – and we need to fight together.

Am Echad – b’Lev Echad – One Nation, with One Heart.

We must stand united as a people;  we must put aside our differences and our disagreements, and be united in our fight against this terror.

Our Homeland, our State of Israel, our People Israel, have no choice, but to be tough and determined.

O God, we pray that our State of Israel will be able to live in safety and security.

Protect the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Forces, who defend our State of Israel.

Watch over the chayalim and chayalot, the soldiers, who bravely defend the State of Israel.

Please God, give strength to those of us, watching on the sidelines, who do not fight on the front lines, but support those who do.

May we put all political discord aside, and stand united to express our belief in the IDF – Together let us say –  We believe in the IDF.  We believe in the State of Israel. 

We stand with Israel.  We support Israel.

Rebbono Shel Olam, we pray for a speedy victory.

We pray that all our soldiers return soon to their loved ones, whole.

We pray for the safe return of the hostages.

We pray for those who are wounded, and those in the future who will inevitably be wounded.

Grant peace to the land, speedily in our time.

Ken Yehi Ratzon,     So May It Be.      And let us all say, Amen.