Looking to the Future: Events for Youth & Students

On TRY, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim,
Israel is your classroom and Jerusalem is your home.
Open to 10th-12th grade North American Jewish high school students.
Spend the best semester of your life in Israel this spring!

Aliza Zeff, TRY Director, will be traveling to North America

after Sukkot. If you are considering TRY for your child, please join us

at one of our upcoming in-person parlor events!

TRY students explore their Jewish identity and connection to

the land while living like Jerusalemites, traveling and exploring,

and making friendships of a lifetime!

Spend your spring semester on TRY
the preeminent college preparatory experience in Israel.
Classic: January 28-May 28, 2024
Quarter: January 28- April 1, 2024

Generous scholarships available!

Quick TRY Facts!

  • TRY is a study abroad program in Israel open to students in 10th-12th grades.
  • TRY builds Jewish identity, independence, and self-awareness.
  • TRY incorporates all that is amazing about Camp Ramah and USY making learning fun and productive. It is Jewish education at its best!
  • TRY is designed to coordinate with high school curricula in students’ home communities and offers a full range of courses.
  • TRY is a full high school program accredited by the Middle States Association.
  • TRY is the preeminent college preparatory experience where you can also earn college credit.
  • TRY includes a Jewish heritage trip to Poland.


If you have any questions, please check our website,
write us here or set up a time to talk here.