Every Night at 8 pm Israel time the whole nation recites Shema Yisrael with the IDF

Please inform every person, who “identifies ” as a Jew, to say the first passuk of שמע “simultaneously” with the I.D.F at 8 pm Israel time | 1 pm Eastern. DAILY.

Please have in mind the safe and speedy return of all hostages and soldiers. Men , women, children, and our BABIES.

When Jews fight with each other, Hashem sends עמלק.

Let us put aside all our differences and pray in unison.

Wherever you are daily at 8 pm, Israel time | 1 pm Eastern, close your eyes and say these six words.

שמע ישראל ה’ אלוקינו ה’ אחד.
Shema Yisrael Adonoi Elohaynu Adonoi Echad

Put a reminder in your calendar right now. Set and alarm.

Please send this to everyone you know.

אנא השם הושיע נא  אנא השם הצליחה נא
Gershon Weissman
Jerusalem, Israel
Board Member 
The Michael Levin Base for Lone Soldiers and Lone National Service Volunteers