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What a year this has been for MERCAZ USA and Israel. Our fiscal and program year began with our continued efforts to promote pluralism in Israel. However, following the events of October 7, we quickly shifted into high gear, with our thoughts and prayers turning to the hostages, their families, those serving the IDF, and the country and people of Israel at this most challenging time. MERCAZ USA has pushed its mission to the furthest point in our support for Israel and Jewish communities here in the United States and around the world in the face of anti-Zionism and antisemitic hate at a level not experienced since the Shoah.

MERCAZ USA is only able to do its work because of the support we receive from you through your membership and donations. In doing so, you support MERCAZ USA’s vital work for Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish community. As we close this most unique fiscal year, if you have not yet made your annual contribution, we ask that you do so now. We also encourage you to make an additional donation to support the work of MERCAZ USA. Your support is needed now more than ever!

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This past year, MERCAZ USA, with our dedicated two-person team, has worked overtime to:

– Provide you with up-to-date information on the current situation in Israel through our ongoing partnership with The Focus Project, providing you with talking points to be responsive to negative voices against Israel.

– Serve as the Conservative Movement’s voice at meetings of the US Jewish community. MERCAZ USA continues its successful efforts on behalf of Diaspora Jewry to advocate for the interests of Israel, working closely with our Conservative Jewish partners to influence our government to support Israel’s needs in order to survive at these difficult times.

– Continue to advocate for Pluralism in Israel. The mandates that MERCAZ USA wins in the election of delegates to the World Zionist Congress provides the world movement most of its seats at the National Institutions of the Jewish people, which distributes billions of dollars annually, including to the Rabbinical Assembly, USCJ, Masorti on Campus, Ramah, and Masorti Olami just to name a few. Our voice is crucially important as divisions in the community intensify.

We continue to be moved by the stories of how our community’s support has ensured the survival and, in the face of unprecedented odds, continued thriving of our Jewish homeland. In the spirit of ensuring your needs as committed and engaged Conservative Jews in the United States, we ask for your assistance in funding MERCAZ USA’s ongoing advocacy efforts now. We need your renewed funding and support to continue this crucial work.

– Please continue your support with as meaningful a contribution as you can make today.

– To those of you who have regularly joined us each year with a basic annual contribution, we ask you to make your donation now and to consider increasing your level of support.

– To those of you who are not yet supporters, we ask you to join our ranks by donating now.

Support MERCAZ USA by Donating Today

Please renew your commitment and unwavering support for Israel now when our voice at MERCAZ USA is loudly and clearly promoting the cause of true religious pluralism in Israel and strengthen the connection between the people of Israel and American Jewry. Your support is urgently needed.

Thank you for ensuring MERCAZ USA can continue to do this important work with your GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION TODAY. 



Richard Helfand, President

Sarrae Crane, Executive Director


Am Yisrael Chai – the People of Israel Live

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