Worldwide Conservative/Masorti Leadership Statement on President Herzog’s Framework

We, the leaders of the Global Conservative/Masorti Movement representing more than 2 million Jews around the world, commend President Herzog for his leadership and his serious, responsible framework for resolving the unprecedented crisis facing Israel’s democracy and society. As hundreds of thousands of Israelis continue to take to the streets and deep concern about the plan currently being advanced in the Knesset is vocalized by key sectors of Israeli society, we strongly support President Herzog’s efforts to bring about the broad consensus necessary to preserve Israel’s foundations as a Jewish and democratic state and to heal the deep and unprecedented rifts in Israeli society.

We call on Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government to freeze the current legislative process, support the President’s framework, and work with him and the opposition as necessary to bring this crisis to a conclusion. We also call upon leaders in Israel and pro-Israel leaders around the world to publicly support the President’s proposal. While individuals on both sides of this dispute will find elements of the President’s proposal imperfect, implementing it is the responsible path forward for those who believe it is essential for Israel to be a unified, Jewish and democratic state. Rejecting President Herzog’s plan risks further harm to Israel’s security, economy, and society at a time when the country already is facing significant domestic and external challenges.

As a proud centrist religious movement, the Conservative/Masorti Movement worldwide will continue to lend our moral voice and our organizational strength to the defense of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. At this critical hour, this means firmly supporting President Herzog and his proposal to resolve this historic crisis.

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