Pesach for Ukrainian Refugees

This year, more than ever, Masorti Olami together with their partners at the Schechter Institutes are focusing their efforts on making sure our Ukrainian refugees and communities are able to celebrate Pesach to the fullest. This includes ensuring there are communal and individual Seders, some with over 100 people, in Kyiv, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Berlin, Israel and beyond. This year, we will be helping to support the purchase of food, kosher wine, kashering the premises, NOAM youth activities throughout the holidays, room rentals for the Seders, Haggadot, Seder plates, sending rabbis/spiritual leaders to lead the Seders, and whatever else we can do to ensure that our Ukrainian brothers and sisters can have some semblance of normalcy and community and Jewish life during this holiday. We thank you all so much for your ongoing support towards Masorti Olami and Schechter’s time efforts during this challenging time:


Tehila Reuben
Deputy Director Masorti Olami & MERCAZ Olami