Glimpses of Ramah, Kayitz 2022

August 2022 / Av 5782


Make summer last just a little longer – enjoy the following highlights from Kayitz 2022 from our North American overnight and day camps, our programs in Israel, and our Masorti partner programs in Brazil and Eastern Europe.

Overnight Camps

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires

Ramah Berkshires - Week 7 video.mp4

Video highlights of a special week: Water fun, Project 613 Torah Ceremony, Rikudiyah ’22 and practicing for Palmer Day!

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin 

An energizing Zimriyah song festival opened the 75th season and the night capped off with a mega-session of camp hits.

Camp Ramah in California

Maccabiah is an annual celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun planned by Machon (entering 11th graders).

Ramah Sports Academy

Campers develop confidence and build skills through drills and practice with their talented professional coaches.

Camp Ramah in Canada

Building friends and community, the Magshimim and Tikvah play is always a highlight of the summer. This year: Grease!

Ramah in the Rockies

The five elements of the masa (journey) are preparation, outdoor skills, spiritual development, personal development, and group development.

Ramah Darom

Creative projects such as music, dance, visual art, and performance help campers open their hearts and minds.

Camp Ramah in the Poconos

Maccabiah 2022

Chanichim spent two days running, fire-building, cheering, and tap dancing their way through Maccabiah.

Camp Ramah New England

Kishroniyah Mosaic: Grouting Time-lapse

The Mosaic Kishroniyah group created a beautiful installation with imagery focusing on the magical experience of Shabbat at camp.

Ramah Galim (Northern California)

On “Yom Si’im” (Records Day) chanichim challenged themselves, breaking personal and camp-wide records! Highlights: 5 hours of rikkud and treading water for 88 minutes!

Day Camps

This summer, there are 220 children enrolled in the Sha’ar Hebrew immersion programs hosted at each of our four North American Ramah day camps. Sha’ar, a crown jewel of the Ramah camping movement, has increased tenfold since its inception at Ramah Nyack in 2013. Read on for more highlights from our day camps:

Ramah Chicagoland Day Camp

Yom Sport was just one of the activities in a week that also included Pajama Day, Party in the USA Day, and an H2Whoa! Jewish learning activity.

Ramah Day Camp Greater DC

"Kan Noladitee" - RDC Zimkudiyah 2022

Kavod La Teva (Respect Nature) was the theme of this year’s Zimkudiah. Songs highlighted the summer theme of Ahavat Ha’Adamah (love the earth).

Ramah Day Camp in Nyack

Yom Yisrael 2022

The theme of this year’s Yom Yisrael was “Shvil Yisrael,” the hiking trail that goes from the most northern tip in Israel all the way down to the south.

Ramah Day Camp, Philadelphia

Yom Space was a blast! The day included a solar system relay, creating moon sand, and making and eating “moon rocks.”

Israel Programs

Ramah Israel Seminar

Highlights of a summer in Israel from teens across the Ramah camping movement.

Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp

rich and varied Hebrew-speaking day camp in the heart of Jerusalem for K-6th graders.

Pilot Programs – New for 2022!

Ramah Eastern Great Lakes


Ramah Eastern Great Lakes brings Ramah closer to home for the U.S. communities of Camp Ramah in Canada (Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Buffalo). This summer’s “Taste of Ramah” was a five-day overnight camp program held at Camp Ho Mita Koda in Newbury, OH.

Ramah Day Camp Greater Boston 

Ramah Day Camp Greater Boston, part of the Ramah New England family, provides children who just completed grades K-3 with a camping experience in a setting of friendship, wonder and discovery, where Judaism is integral to daily activities. This summer’s five-day program was held at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA.

Masorti Partner Programs

We are proud of our year-round partnerships with Masorti organizations. Thanks to a special grant, 70 Israeli teens, participants in the NOAM youth movement, spent the summer at our North American Ramah camps. Other Masorti initiatives this summer include:

Jewish camp in Portuguese? In the winter?! It really does happen every July in Brazil, at the NOAM – São Paulo chapter’s machané choref (winter camp). A dedicated group of volunteer madrichot and madrichim spend months prior to camp planning a week of experiential and educational pe’ulot (activities) for campers ranging in age from 6-16). Read more | Watch video | See photos

Camp Ramah Yachad in Ukraine, run by Midreshet Schechter, will celebrate its 30th anniversary this summer. As a result of the war in Ukraine, camp is taking place in Romania. Thirteen of the campers traveled 18 hours in an armored vehicle from Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine to Chernivsti in southwest Ukraine before crossing the border to Romania. Read more | Donate