2022-2023 Ma’alot Grants

2022-2023 Ma’alot Grants

Announcing the 2022-2023 Ma’alot Grants, jointly funded by Nefesh B’ Nefesh and the Jewish National Fund USA for programs related to Israel in North American communities. The maximum award is $1,250. Your kehillah should apply! Before applying, please review these guidelines, then apply here: www.jnf.org/maalot. Questions? Contact our colleague Paul Freedman.



Proposal Draft # 8 Pilot Program : JEA members and Masorti Educators RECONNECTING PEOPLE TO PEOPLE


  • Strengthening the relationship between our movements in Israel and North America. Sometimes Israeli educators do not feel they can learn from North American educators We can learn from each other
  • Demonstrating the value of working together despite some significant differences in outlook, culture and priorities.
  • Benefitting from organizations in Israel that offer materials and services ,beginning with our Masorti Movement Including JNF and NB


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Based on calls/zooms with JEA President, Director, Past President and Masorti Education Chairman, and having receiving positive reactions from each:

We create a list of potential JEA members from both Masorti Synagogues and Organizational Educational personnel

JEA develops a proposal which includes what JEA can offer on group and individual basis

Masorti develops proposal ,describing how both organizations can befit from the relationship

To that end, I set up a very small group from both sides. Via Zooming, reviewing the above ,adding additional suggestions

I present our proposal to the Masorti Vaad Ha’Poel. JEA Membership for Israelis is $50. I create a fund or use my budget so that any member not interested in paying annual dues receives support.אם אין קמח איו תורה

Brainstorming: Possible ideas/suggestions that can benefit either or both target populations:

Locating materials produced in Israel or North America that will assist JEA members in teaching Israel

Utilizing the newly established Nefesh B’Nefesh Zionist Education Initiative

Relationships developed via the project utilized to develop possible partnerships

Developing Directory of Masorti and other Israel –based educators from our various organizations, interested in one on one dialoguing via Zooming with North American Conservative educators Teaching Israel and or strengthening ties Assumption-both educators groups contain individuals especially ably to dialogue on particular subjects First pilot to be limited to JEA members

Developing a form enabling North American and Israeli educators to connect with his/her counterpart

Utilizing Social media