An Update And Prayer For Peace In Ukraine


Masorti Olami and The Schechter Institutes are in close contact with our communities across Ukraine, and while there is extreme uncertainty and panic right now, we are sharing with you, our friends and supporters around the world, what we know about the current situation on the ground.

The present situation in Ukraine is extremely challenging with mass panic and residents fleeing towards the west of the country, away from lines of contact, causing blocked roads and traffic jams. Cash machines across the country have run out of cash, and gas stations are out of gas.

Kharkiv, a city in northeastern Ukraine, is only 100km from the border with Russia, and has been hit the hardest so far, experiencing explosions in the early hours of this morning. Entrances and exits to the city, as well as schools have already been closed, and the Russian army is getting closer. We are trying to get all of our communities in Ukraine to our western-most community in Chernivtsi, as it is the safest option right now, where Rabbi Reuven and Lena Stamov, our shlichim in Ukraine are currently with their family. This means organizing immediate transport, and reserving accommodation for refugees fleeing from other cities. In the meantime, we are also arranging for 150 packages with cookies, chocolate and juice, to be brought to the children, to try and lift their spirits in this challenging time. 


(Pictured above: NOAM Family Camp in the Carpathian Mountains)

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