May Program Showcase


Earth Day was a Social Action project undertaken by not only our synagogue but the entire local community. Sisterhood prepared food and served breakfast and lunch to all volunteers. 

We had our event in the local Lowe’s parking lot, represented were: a local electronic recycler, a local paper shredder, the Salvation Army,  a church organization that helps kids aging out of the foster care system, a shoe recycler, and other similar businesses. We also had volunteers from a local Boy Scout troop and a local high school (kids need the service hours).

The event was held at Lowe’s, who gave us the use of part of their parking lot to stage the event and the use of pallets for moving large items.

Publix gave us a $200 gift card to be used to purchase food and snacks for the volunteers.

Einstein Bagels donated coffee, bagels and schmeer.

Gasparilla Run organizers donated gallon jugs of water.

SEER recycling was there to collect electronics.

Goodwill collected clothing, books, etc.

Running Center (Running shoe store and clothing) collected shoes and sneakers which were donated to homeless.

A local shredding company brought a truck and shredded over 6000 lbs.

1st Nesters (a group working with teens aging out of foster care) collected small furniture and appliances.

Cell phones and chargers to be stripped and refurbished collected and given to returning soldiers.