2020 Women’s League Shabbat

2020/5780 – January 18/21 Tevet
Parashat Shemot

You are invited to tailor the following texts to meet the needs and goals of your Women’s League Shabbat committee. Additional materials forthcoming.

The WL Shabbat Workshop to help Sisterhood plan for the Women’s League Shabbat 2021 includes discussions of the following topics:
  • The 2021 WL Shabbat materials including new Divrei Torah and readings showcasing our theme B’Yachad, Together.
  • Introduction of a new Women’s League program called HaChanah L’Shabbat B’Yachad, Preparation for Shabbat Together. This is a pre-Shabbat virtual Sisterhood program intended to build ruach, spirit, within your Sisterhood by bringing your members together to welcome in Shabbat.
  • Present a Rosh Chodesh option, Sunday, March 14, 2021.
  • Logistical concerns related to virtual or hybrid Shabbat services, ie: Zoom, streaming, partial in-person, and pre-Shabbat options.
  • Creative idea exchange. Do you have a program already set but need implementation ideas? Come share your concerns and solutions with other Sisterhoods.

To view the video of this workshop, click on the image below