September Sisterhood Program Showcase

Event: Annual Vodka and Latkes Event

From: Congregation Beth Judea Sisterhood in Long Grove, IL

First Annual Vodkas and Latkes and MURDER

Concept: While guests were having a nosh (other than latkes), they were informed of several different high-end Kosher Vodkas, one at a time. There was also a spread of different types of latkes for guests to try. After the main vodka sampling was done, someone was to be “murdered,” and a game of Clue began.

Items served:

Flavored latkes:

  • Original
  • Yucca
  • Avocado Salsa
  • Brussels Sprout
  • Butternut Squash/Sweet Potato
  • Assortment of vegetables, fruit, chips, and other fun snack items (this is not meant to be dinner)
  • Regular (well) vodka with mixers
  • Assorted beer and wine
  • Lemonade or tea, pop, and water

The tables were decorated with different Clue items, from the real game and from items listed in the cards that we used (see below). Our event was co-sponsored by Sisterhood and Men’s Club.


$18 single

$30 couple

The MURDER theme took the form of a game of Clue. Instead of each person playing a character, tables worked together to solve the mystery with the items “Murderer, Weapon, and Location.”

In the actual game of Clue, Mr. Boddy is apparently the victim of foul play and found in one of the rooms. The object of the game is to discover who committed the murder, where it took place, and which weapon was used. The answer lies in an envelope, which contains three cards. One card tells the answer to each of the questions. The players are dealt the remaining cards. By asking questions to other players, to find out which cards are in their hands, they attempt to find the missing cards hidden in the envelope.

The Victim (Mr. Boddy in the actual game) was our current Congregation President, who agreed to attend the event as our “dead body.” He was thrilled to be a part of the evening. We recommend including someone from the board when possible, if they can attend the event. When we wanted to start the game, we snuck him out of the room and one of us ran into the room screaming that the President was just found dead!

In our game, three cards (one Murderer, one Weapon, and one Location) were set aside (these are the answers the teams were looking for). Each table (team) was provided with game cards (one Murderer, one Weapon, and at least one Location) and several Clue fact sheets to take notes on. Because were six Murder and Weapon cards each, but nine Location cards, some teams got two Location cards. To start the game, one person at each table rolled the dice. The rules of the game were similar to the classic Clue rules. Starting at the table with the highest number rolled, each table (team) asked the team clockwise to it for three cards (one each, Murderer, Weapon, Location). If they had any of the cards requested, then one of those cards was shown to the team that asked. If they did not have the card, then the next clockwise team showed one of the three cards, and this process proceeded, until the asking team was shown one card. After seeing the card, they could guess the Murderer, Weapon, and Location pulled before the game began. If their guess was wrong, however, their team was eliminated, and the cards distributed to other teams. If the team is right, then they win, and the game is over. Teams are encouraged to take notes when people ask for cards.  

We brought enough chocolate gelt and mini vodka bottles to provide them as mini trophies to the winning team. The game takes up enough time that you probably only need to play it once, though it could be played again.

Download all materials in a pdf document here!

Download the Clue sheet used for the game here!

Download the Game Cards here!

Download the Recipe Ingredients here!

Download the program flier here!

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