June 9 Message

“Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people.” – Brion James

Shabbat Shalom!

What a week this has been!!  I have been doing what I love most about being president of WLCJ…I spent the week connecting to our members.  I spent the week seeing old friends (in time, not age) and making new ones.  I have spent my time hugging, kissing, eating, learning and yes, connecting…on both a personal level and a Women’s League level.

This is the very best part of my job!  And, this was my last trip…visiting our sisterhoods…I finished on a high!  Being able to experience two Torah Fund events, Tifereth Israel in Bensalem (Thank you Shelly for the invitation) and at Temple Israel Center in White Plains (Thank you Laurie for that invitation) I was able to share both events where three women were honored for their love of Judaism and their commitments to their sisterhood and community.  The tropical event at Ohev Shalom in Bucks County was fun complete with singing and dancing (Thank you Sandy Blumenthal)!  In between I visited with leadership in Mid Atlantic region….and to top it off…well, there was the last board meeting of this administration and an amazing Woman of Achievement event in BQLI….

Yet, the most meaningful conversations that I had in each location was connecting….through this Shabbat message.  So many of you, mentioned how you felt that I was speaking to you, personally. Others mentioned that you read and sometimes shared these messages with friends and relatives…

Todah Rabah..for sharing your comments!  I cannot begin to tell you how truly grateful I am!  My goal, since convention in 2014, was to connect us all!  Not just by having a consultant come to your sisterhood, or YOU attending a region meeting or conference, or YOU visiting our website, or YOU participating in a distance workshop, or YOU signing up for our WLReads, or YOU registering for our upcoming convention (it is not too late!)…but all of us connecting to one another.

As the leadership of WLCJ travels around..we are more similar than different.  We have the same challenges.  We have the same goals…and values.  So I urge you to keep connecting to WLCJ in whatever way that you can.  

Wishing each of you a sweet and peaceful Shabbat,