June 30 Message

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes

Shabbat Shalom!

I have read, and it has been said that the one thing that we all do everyday, for a variety of reasons is communicate!  Have you ever thought about it that way?  

We communicate to our families, the person at the post office, the repairman or the “genius” at the Genius Bar at the Apple store!  Yet, to be effective and to get our message across effectively, we need to communicate effectively and with a purpose.  We all do just that everyday!  Which, if we take it a step further, makes each of us capable of being a leader!

Years ago, our WLCJ trainers used a short piece about communication and leadership…asking a few questions…have you ever made dinner reservations for a group of 6 or more?  Have you ever planned a bar mitzvah or wedding?  Have you ever worked on a committee?  Any of these, that you can respond with a “yes”, shows that we all communicate with others, and that we are all leaders!

For the past few months, WLCJ has been communicating with each of our members, about the benefits of attending our convention..in just a few short weeks!  Our day-by-day is on our website. Our sessions and speakers planned are all about making each of us better leaders, better women, and a better person.

Over the past three years, our method of communicating to each of you has changed, and all for the better!  We have our WLCJ App, our enhanced Facebook page, the WLCJ Distance workshops, our ever changing website, our region websites and region Shabbat messages and of course this Shabbat message. Each one, is there to encourage leadership amongst our membership!  Not everyone will become a sisterhood president or a region president (though they are live changing experiences), yet we communicate and lead everyday, regardless of what challenge you may take on in your sisterhood or in life!

It is not too late to join over 400 of your “sisters” at convention..hope to see you there!

To those of our “sisters” that will be celebrating Independence Day on July 1st (in Canada) or on the 4th (in the USA)…have a safe and happy holiday!

Wishing each of you a sweet and peaceful Shabbat!

PS…a request from Fran Radel, our Bid and Buy chair at convention…she is in need of small items for our Bid and Buy..at convention…something small from you Judaic shop.  She is hoping that a few of you attending convention will support this fundraiser for WLCJ!  Todah Rabah!!