June 2 Message

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Shabbat Shalom!

Have you been going through your drawers looking for those bras at the bottom of the pile or all the way in the back of the drawer? I hope so….!

WLCJ is always about helping others…whether that is supporting our sisterhoods by holding Distance Workshops, sending a consultant to your home town…or in this case collecting new and “gently” used bras to help “Support the Girls” in the Washington, DC area…we are not waiting a moment to start collections…whether that is your sending a few to the Women’s League office or, in some cases, we have sisterhoods using a variety of containers (boxes, laundry baskets, etc.) that have been placed in the lobby of the synagogue for everyone to participate.

WLCJ is always about not wasting a moment to start helping others…one of the “Big Bold Steps”, that we are introducing our partnership with Sharsheret….but we have not wasted a moment…we have already had a “Personal Conversation” with the Communications Director”. If you missed it, come to convention…as we will be hearing from Sharsheret throughout convention about our partnership and what it can mean to you, personally, and to your sisterhood.

WLCJ has a mission..we engage, empower and enrich Conservative Jewish women…come join us in July. It is not too late to till register!

Wishing each of you a sweet and meaningful Shabbat!