May 5 Message

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind” – Dr. Seuss

Shabbat Shalom!

Could any of you imagine, staying home all of the time? Not volunteering? Not helping others? And not venturing out of your comfort zone? I know that I could not imagine doing any of that!

One of the most important things that I have learned through my years as a part of our network of Conservative Jewish women, is that by venturing out…whether that is from our homes, synagogues, community, or region…that by connecting you are finding new things. Yet, too many of us, do not take the opportunity to attend a region event of a WLCJ convention to learn new things, to make new friends, to ensure the growth and health of our sisterhoods.

I do not want to leave you behind! Please join us at convention in Arlington, Virginia on July 23rd through the 26th. Why??? Because we want you to be a part of the installation of our new administration, we want you to hear about our new “Bold Step”, that will be guiding our organization for the future, join the beginning of our centennial year, hear from outstanding scholars and be a part of our Wednesday morning programming.

Don’t be left behind…there are only 10 days left before our early bird pricing is no longer available…what are you going to find as a delegate at our convention???

Wishing each of you a sweet and peaceful Shabbat,