May 26 Message

“There have been so many great moments, and I feel so blessed everyday;” – Vusi Mahlasela

Shabbat Shalom!

The past ten days…well, they have been just amazing! All, because I am so very blessed and honored to represent all of you and all of our members across North America and beyond.

For the third time, during my term as your president I had the opportunity to see our Torah Fund dollars at work, first hand! This past week, was graduation and ordination at two of our seminaries that we support through the hard work of all of our Torah Fund vice presidents, chairs and each of you that make that pledge to help further Jewish education and to support our newest rabbis, hazzan and lay leaders.

This year, however, was just a little bit more poignant, a little bit more meaningful. I am not sure whether that was because this is the last time that I will have a crazy week of being on both coasts…or because I just felt so proud to represent Women’s League.

At the graduation, at JTS, I was given the honor to represent WLCJ, and “hood” Judith Hauptman. Judith was duly honored, for her 43 years of teaching at JTS, with an honorary degree…and because of the years of being the beneficiary of her teaching and focus on Jewish women, at many conventions and board meetings…we, all of us, were a part of this very special day in her life. It was truly a highlight!! And, I must add..that while we were waiting to walk in the processional..what were we talking about….? Grandchildren!

Across the country I went…to attend the ordination of six new rabbis at Ziegler….an evening that is always very special! It is such a treat to see so many of the current and past leadership of PSW in attendance…and of course to listen to both Rabbi Brad Artson and Rabbi Cheryl Peretz…for those of you that have not had that honor…come to convention…they are both joining us!

Both events…well…proud moments…and very blessed to represent our beloved organization….and to be a part of the 23 of our newest rabbis and cantors!

The frosting on the cake this year? Going back to the east coast to be a part of the installation of the new president of the Cantor’s Assembly…our friend and supporter…Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz Boro! What an evening….1,300 people, 200 cantors and so much more! The concert was amazing…I only hope that they were recorded!!! Words can not describe the feeling in the room…pride in our movement, entertained by so many, being a part of the installation (only the second woman to be the head of this arm of the Conservative Movement) and to watch and feel the love in the room.

All because of each of you…I am blessed to be able to have had a week like this! And, I just had to share! All I can say is “Todah Rabah”…for representing all of you and so many more at these truly wonderful events.

Wishing each of you a sweet and meaningful Shabbat, a very safe Memorial Day weekend…and a meaningful Shavout!