May 12 Message

“People will always follow a good example, be the one to set a good example.” – Anne Frank

Shabbat Shalom!

I was always taught, that you lead by example! Regardless of what the circumstance is, that you get right in there…and be a part of the team. If that means helping to set up tables, stuff envelopes, clean the windows, or stay until the last person left an event…we should always do what we ask others to do.

We like to say, that we are part of a network, of inclusive women…friendly, kind and outgoing! And we are or can be….when someone comes into your synagogue be the one that welcomes them and asks them to sit with you…be the one when someone asks is that seat taken, that you respond, yes it is waiting for you….be the one, at a meeting when someone comes up with an idea that you listen and say “let’s try it”, instead of responding “we tried that before” or “that won’t work”!

Lead by example…set a good example..and see what happens!!!

I want to remind everyone that “early bird” is upon is time to register for CONVENTION!!! We hope to see many of you there…

I also want to remind anyone traveling to Israel next month to check out the dates of our Study Day in Jerusalem…you are always welcome to attend! As a matter of fact, Diane would love to see you!! And to those of us that are not able to attend in person..look for the pictures and report during the summer…we are very proud of our Study Day that WLCJ sponsors….and you can be a part of this wonderful project by making a donation (of any amount) and sending it to the WLCJ office, marked for our Days of Study. It would be a mitzvah!!!

Wishing those that celebrate Mother’s Day a wonderful day….wishing each of you a sweet and meaningful Shabbat.