March 3 Message

“Life’s best comes in memorable moments. Create lots of them.” – Eric Allenbaugh

Shabbat Shalom!

Each day can hold a memorable moment…a hug from a child; a call from a friend that you haven’t talked to in awhile; celebrating a birthday or anniversary; departing on a long planned vacation; reading from the Torah for the first time; watching a child or grandchild drive off in a car for the first time; welcoming a new baby to the family or attending your very first WLCJ convention.

Each of these events, plus so many more…create our memories. Today we have our cell phones to record this moments, either with video or pictures…and then we have the ability to share these moments with friends on our Facebook page…isn’t the 21st century wonderful because it is so very easy for all of us to share all of our memorable moments so instantaneously!

Year ago..that was not the case…we too still pictures that had to be developed and we also kept journals or diaries (am I bringing back memories?)!

Convention is quickly approaching…and Thursday is our “Throw Back Thursday” campaign…but we need YOU! We need for each of you to share pictures and stories with us. Besides “Throw Back Thursday”, we will be sharing YOUR memorable moments…from your sisterhood, personal, region or branch…think back to some wonderful memories that you shared with your sisters…! I am sure that we have so many…..and pictures! We don’t want your originals but if you can scan and email them to Rhonda Kahn at the WLCJ office ( we will be using them as well. I am sure that some of us have pictures of installations, or dinners were we are wearing hats and gloves…costumes from a Purim Ball or a Vashti’s Banquet…or trips!

Here is one of my memorable moments….many years ago, Florida Branch rented a camp in Ocala, Florida. It was the first time that we did it. Phyllis Goldberg chaired it, and we had no idea how many “sisters” would join us. We filled two cabins, Renee Glazier was our trainer….we learned, we ate, we roasted marshmallows but what I recall best was raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night! All of us!”

So..that is one of my memorable moments…won’t you share yours?

Memorable moments…I am leaving in the morning for a memorable weekend, to share in the PSW Region’s 70th Anniversary! That is a memorable moment….I wish a memorable moment for each of you this Shabbat as well.

Wishing each of you a meaningful, sweet, peaceful and memorable Shabbat,