March 24 Message

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

Shabbat Shalom!

Many of you have heard me say during this administration, that WLCJ is embracing technology. We are using our Facebook page to share historical moments over the past 100 years by sharing pictures and article, please check out “Throw Back Thursday”…on our Facebook page. And, if you have pictures that you would like to share please send a copy to Rhonda Kahn, our Communications Director.

However, the reason that I am talking about technology, is because last evening, WLCJ had a first! One that I am so excited about, that I just had to share with all of you this Shabbat.

WLCJ is studying Eikkah…now, you may think that is a rather unusual subject, but we are leading up to our siyyum, at convention, which is over Rosh Chodesh, Av. Which is allowing us to “think out of the box”! For the next few months…once a month, we will be coming together to study for 60 minutes. Last night, 46 WLCJ “sisters”, came together to learn from Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner….and what an amazing 60 minutes it was. We used “Zoom”, so that not only could we hear Dr. Lerner, but see her and the texts we were talking about. And, most of us could also see one another. We know that education is what WLCJ is about, and with this type of learning, we have entered into another aspect of educating our members from the comfort of your home.

The session was recorded so next week, you can go to our website and get to listen to the session. However, I would encourage all of you, to sign up for our next study session…April 25th @ 8:00 PM (east coast). We will continue our study of “EIkkah”, and our instructor for our next session will be Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, Associate Dean at Ziegler.

Learning is exciting, and our education and learning never stops…our Jewish education, and continuing our Jewish education, is a lifelong goal. And, you can attain that with WLCJ…by attending Convention 2017 in July. We will also continue learning from both Dr. Lerner and Rabbi Peretz at convention.

Thank you to Rhonda and Lisa, for overseeing this new project of WLCJ!

Wishing each of you a peaceful and sweet Shabbat,