February 3 Message

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford

Shabbat Shalom!

Many of you that have attended a WLCJ Leadership Institute or heard me at a training session, had heard me say, “that we don’t have problems, we have challenges and we have opportunities”. To me the word, “problem”, just weighs me down. It feels heavy on my shoulders…there is no room for thinking of all of the possibilities of what we can do. There is no room for solutions or a remedy to the situation.

I had a family member that whenever this person came down with a cold, they would identify the person that was at fault. They absolutely knew how or from whom the cold came from…there was no discussion about going to the medicine cabinet for a cold remedy, the focus was on who to blame for the situation. I am sure that we can all identify one person, that spends time and energy focusing on the blame and not the solution.

As “sisters”…we should and need to focus on the remedy, the solution, the possibilities…not how or what caused the situation. There is much to be learned from brainstorming solutions…not only are you thinking positive thoughts, but you are accepting the situation and looking for a positive outcome. All good! And, if you include others…in finding a solution, even better. We all know that it can take a village sometimes…we just need to not focus on how you got there but focus on what we can learn and what we can figure out together.

So the next time that there is an error in a flyer that went out…think if it as an opportunity to reach out to those that received it, and have a conversation and give the correct information. But, it is also an opportunity to talk about the event, and encourage attendance, or even offer a ride. Just remember, no blame, things happen..look for the remedy and embrace it!

Wishing each of you a sweet, peaceful and meaningful Shabbat,