February 24 Message

“Touch, inspire, matter and you will be remembered.” – Shabbat Shalom!

Each of us just want to be remembered! We would like to be remembered by our family, friends and yes, even the strangers that we have done an act of kindness for. We want ti ensure that our lives matter, that we matter.

The quote above, are words to live by. Each day is an opportunity to touch someone…share words of encouragement….smile and every stranger that you walk by…call a friend that you haven’t talked to in awhile…surprise someone by bonging them over dinner, don’t wait until someone is ill to that….not only introduce yourself to the “new” person in soul but invite them out for coffee or a meal…volunteer to help in your sisterhood or region or plan to attend convention….this list could go on and on…what would you add?

The important thing is I hope that I have started you thinking…on how you can reach out, touch, inspire others…so that you matter and that you will be remembered…that is what makes life worth living!

Wishing each of you a sweet, peaceful and meaningful Shabbat!

PS – Just wanted to remind all of our sisterhoods that this coming week is the last week, to submit your sisterhood for the possibility of winning one of the four $500 stipends towards convention. Watch for directions in your region Shabbat email…or email me privately. Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire your sisterhood!