January 27 Message

“Everyday brings new choices.” – Martha Beck

Shabbat Shalom!

How true that quote is! We face all sorts of choices in our everyday life…what to make for dinner, what to wear, or whether to attend an event..all choices..and we know that some choices are more difficult to make than others.

Last Shabbat many of us faced a choice….I know that I did. A choice that, personally I found difficult. One of those choices that regardless of which one you chose, you wished that you could have divided yourself, so that you could do both.

What am I speaking about? The conflict that I was wrestling with myself? It was our “official” Sisterhood Shabbat and there was a march that I would have liked to participate in. When I made a mental list of the pros and cons of each…I had a choice, a responsibility…yet everyday brings new choices! How I wished that I could divide myself to do both….yet we have responsibilities and sometimes our choices reflect that. I had committed to attending sisterhood Shabbat with a sisterhood that gave me my start, a sisterhood where I taught in their day school and I knew that I had to keep my promise. Yet…as I watched the news Saturday evening….though I knew that I made the right choice for me, there was a little tug…that I would have like to participate with some many other of our “sisters”…we all need to make the choice to keep up with the news…and to be vigilant and ensure that our daughters, granddaughters, sisters and nieces have the choices that many of us have had.

WLCJ is offering you some choices too! Watch for some very exciting programming to be included in our 2017 convention in Arlington, Virginia. Registration is open…I encourage you to join us! You will have choices…which session to attend, vendors galore, women to meet, friends to make, and the opportunity to grow within your WLCJ family! Remember that if your sisterhood has reached 75% of your membership signing up to receive emails from WLCJ..your sisterhood will be eligible for a $500 stipend…we are giving away four stipends…at our annual meeting on March 5th.

And there is another choice….if you are in Los Angeles, or nearby, or have family in the area..please consider making the choice to join us on Sunday, March 5th at AJU for PSW’s 70th anniversary celebration and our WLCJ annual meeting. We hope that you will make that choice to join us. There will be a Shabbat dinner at Temple Aliyah for those making tht choice to come in early. The cost for dinner is $40 and your check should be sent to the region office at AJU. We have made the choice to stay together at the Hilton Woodland Hills (LA) and the code for reservations is: WLJ317. The phone number for the hotel is 818-595-1000. If you would like to know more about this wonderful day, please email me privately.

Choices…we face them everyday..and we always strive to make the best choice that we can. I hope that you choose to join in with your sisterhood, region or WLCJ…I know that was the best choice that I made…it changed my life.

Wishing each of you a beautiful Shabbat,