January 13 Message

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Shabbat Shalom!

One area that Women’s League spends a large majority of our time, energy and resources is on our educational programming to support you, our members and our sisterhoods.

Why? Because we understand that we need to continually inform our members about new ways to provide programming for their sisterhoods. From our very beginning, when our founder, Mathilde Schechter’s vision was about educating our members about kashrut, prayer, bible and living a Jewish life in North America. In those early days, there was a cadre of leaders that would travel the country, by train, visiting communities both large and small. Today, our vision has not changed and we still have a cadre of leaders traveling the country, sharing ideas with our sisterhoods, and talking about leadership development, programming ideas and so much more…our focus is still about education.

WLCJ takes education seriously….because we want to ensure that our sisterhoods and members are ready for the future…that we need to continually change what we do, so that we remain relevant for each of YOU!

We do this, not only by having consultants visit your communities, but by holding Distance Workshops monthly…this past week we had an excellent one hour session on Nominations. I encourage you to check out the Distance Workshop schedule on our website…these workshops are free, one hour and for all members. We also have our new “Personal Conversations”…topics that are of interest for every woman…our next one is January 24th, and the topic is “Aging is not for sissies”! You can register on our website, www.wlcj.org. And, we are preparing for the future…for our siyum at convention…and starting in February we will be holding three study sessions, available to everyone.

Staying educated and relevant…is our goal! We hope that you each share the information with your other “sisters” and that you join us at these workshops listed above, or plan to join us at convention in July….registration is opening this week! And, convention is our ultimate project in preparing each of us for our future.

Wishing each of you a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat!

#GivingTuesday - December 1st

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is proud to announce that this year our Masorti Women’s Study Days will be held in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first female Jewish Supreme Court Justice (z”l). Due to the coronavirus, this year’s Masorti Women’s Days of Study will be held virtually over Zoom, with a pertinent central theme of ‘trailblazers to inspire us at home and in the world through uncertain times. A range of subjects, chosen to reflect the ideas of our dedicated region planning committees, including a workshop by Rabbi Amy Levin to address the challenges of supplementing children’s Jewish education at home and “Creating a Family Haggadah” will be offered. Please consider donating to support this unique and exciting educational experience on #GivingTuesday, December 1, 2021! You can donate online here, or send a check to the WLCJ office indicating that you are donating to the “Masorti Women’s Fund.” We look forward to seeing you there!