November 4 Message

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin


Shabbat Shalom!

This past week I spent my time in beautiful Iowa. Having never been there before, I was quite excited to add that state to my growing list of places that I have visited. We held the last Leadership Institute of this administration for the women of IntraContinental Region. They typically hold their fall board meeting at this time of the year, however, the president requested that we include a full leadership institute program in lieu of their regular meeting. It was wonderful…I hope that you have had the opportunity to check out some of the pictures on our Facebook page! I would like to publicly thank our hosts, the Sisterhood of Tifereth Israel in Des Moines, and region president, Ardis Wexler for taking this initiative. I also want to thank my team mates, Shelly Goldin and Harriet Merkowitz…we have truly worked as a team, modeling what we teach. It has been fun and fulfilling working together.

Each time that Shelly, Harriet and I worked on our agenda….we always kept in mind the importance of ensuring that everything that we did had value. We also knew that the energy needed to be high…because no matter what…if we had one off day…the reputation of our wonderful Leadership Institute would be affected.

The same is true of everything that we do in life….you can go to the same restaurant for years, but once you have one bad meal, or awful service..that is what we remember, that is what we share with others. Or, for those of us that go our training, whether for our jobs or for Women’s League….we may get 100 wonderful evaluations, but that one evaluation that is critical…that is what we focus on..that is human nature!

Your sisterhood may be that warm and friendly place..that we all aspire to….yet, if one woman comes in and does not have a place to sit, or someone to talk with….she will not think that your sisterhood is that warm and friendly place. And, unfortunately she may not give your sisterhood another chance…and you know that this potential member will share her experience with others. We can work for years to build our reputation and only one incident can change it! As I meet so many of you, I hear all kinds of stories….I think that the one that resonates the most is when members offer some new ideas…and they are told…”we tried that years ago” or “that will never work here”…do you think that this member will offer some new ideas again…not likely!

So, the moral of this message this morning is…we all need to try to be inclusive, open to new that our reputation of being a warm, caring community is what resonates!

Wishing each of you a very sweet, peaceful and meaningful Shabbat,