September 2 Message

“Promise yourself to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.” – Christian D. Larson


Shabbat Shalom!

This week, let’s start with, “I promise”….!!

We all start out wanting (I hope) to share words of praise, when someone, be it a sisterhood member, a family member, friend or business acquaintance…when they try something and succeed. The words, are right on the tip or our tongues….”yea, you did a great job”!! Most of us can do that without thinking….we want our loved ones and friends to do a great job, to succeed, to get that promotion, to get that “A” on a test….to chair a wonderful event…etc! You get the picture….

However…not all of us can do that! Some people…just need to find fault…some people..just have a hard time celebrating others successes and triumphs! Now, I know that is not anyone reading this….but I am sure that we can each think of one person that we know, that just can’t get those words out, “yea, you did a great job”, without somehow feeling threatened!

And, that is what we need to keep in mind……it is not as much not being able to share in one another’s successes, but perhaps it is that they tried it and it did not work….or that they were in a class and got a “A-“, so it is hard to share in a friends success! We need to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes….think about why they might have a hard time celebrating someone else’s success, acknowledge that, and then make a promise to be proud of those that succeed, where you might not be able to…..for we all have different strengths, and that is what needs to be celebrated.

The world is a better place when we can be proud of what others accomplish, for we all are a part of that!

Wishing each of you a peaceful and meaningful Shabbat, a safe Labor Day weekend….and for those of you that may have a tropical storm come visit…may you stay safe and dry!!