July 29 Message

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh


Shabbat Shalom!

This week…these words resonated to me! These words brought a mental picture of one flower sitting on a Shabbat table looking forlorn…but when there are many flowers gathered together in a vase, they look bright and they create a beautiful arrangement that we are drawn to. Together each one is insignificant but together they change because each flower is part of the bouquet.

I also thought of a Shabbat or holiday dinner…each course…the soup, appetizer, entrees (it is a Jewish home and of course we need choices!) and desserts…each course not fulfilling or festive on their own…but together creating a special meal, a celebration.

Our lives are not any different…small acts of kindness, making a meal for a sick friend, driving them to the doctor or just spending time are small things. Yet when put all together can mean the world to that friend that is in need. To that individual you are GREAT!

How do I relate these small things to our sisterhoods…that is easy! When planning anything…the small tasks are each taken care of by different volunteers, yet when all those small tasks are put together you have all worked together to create a successful event. Many of you have heard me and many of the other WLCJ consultants talk about involving teams, because the more volunteers that participate by each having a small part, the greater the outcome.

And, we are each capable of performing a small task, we each can find the time to do one small thing and by doing so, we will create great things together!

Wishing each of you, my sisters, a peaceful, meaningful and cool Shabbat!