June 10 Message

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” – John C. Maxwell


Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,

This past week was busy but fantastic!! I was able to do what I love best…visiting regions and seeing old friends and meeting new ones at our WLCJ board meeting. It was one of those weeks, that when you look at your calendar you begin to think “what was I thinking”…but when all is said and done…you feel great about what was accomplished and it energizes you!

So, what does that have to do with the quote that I selected this morning? The week began on Sunday, at the Southern Region Open Board meeting. The theme was, “Key to Communication”….and communicate we did! One of the sessions included a discussion about non-verbal communications and the messages that we can send with or without words! The way we sit, the look on our faces, making eye contact or not….you get the picture! Even those that sit at a meeting emailing or texting under the table!

It started me thinking…..as I attended all of the events on my calendar this week….the hugging, kissing, kind words and smiles says so much! As I looked around the different rooms….my heart swelled! The friendships that have been made because of our involvement…and the camaraderie in the rooms….says so much than words. We all came together whether in Birmingham, at the WLCJ building or in Great Neck….the attitude in the room said so much more than any words could….you could absolutely feel the attitude in the rooms.

We should each take stock of that attitude! We can say that we are warm and welcoming….and greet one another, but it is our non verbal cues that give us away….so when you are at shul, at a meeting or sisterhood event…besides saying “hello, or how are you”, make eye contact, smile, hold a hand….so that you are demonstrating that warmth that is inside each of us. Then, and only then….do our words and our attitude mesh.

Wishing each of you a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat….and Chag Sameach! Enjoy the cheesecake and blintzes.