May 13 Message

“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.” – Unknown

Standing in Michael’s yesterday looking at the adult coloring books, I found one with inspirational messages.  This quote above just jumped out at me…and as typically happens…I think that I just found my quote for this Shabbat.

Connecting to our members and sisterhoods is so important to this entire administration. However, something that many of us hear time and again, is that it is not like it used to be… is different. Years ago we had plenty of volunteers, years ago we had big boards with lots of positions, years ago……it was different!  Sound familiar?

And, the response is, “yes, it is different today….the world is different….technology has changed our lives….now if you have children and grandchildren across the country or ocean you can still chat and visit and see each other!  And where would we be without our smartphones, email and Facebook?  I like to think of it, as our “new normal”.

This “new normal”, allows us to rethink, it allows us to grasp the concept that though we think that just because it is different…it is not falling apart, rather it is current and relevant for today.  Yes, our sisterhoods are different…teams instead of one officer, sisterhoods with Vice Presidents and no president, and a myriad of other structures…all good…because it allows our sisterhoods to create something that works for them…..not falling apart but being creative to service our members and their interests today.  It is our sisterhoods finding a place….within their communities.

So, if you think that it is falling apart….think that it is just falling into a new place…all good!

And the coloring book….I keep seeing that it is good for stress relief….so if you see me coloring, I am just taking a minute to “de-stress”!

Wishing each of you a peaceful and meaningful Shabbat,

Carol S. Simon
WLCJ International President