April 22 Message (Passover)

“Pesach is not only about “freedom from”. It is about our having the freedom to make the world a more sacred place by expanding God’s presence in it.” – Rabbi David A. Teutsch


As many of us, I have been cleaning since last week….every room, every closet, every draw…and then the kitchen. Oy! Yet, with all of the work, and no matter how tired, this process is more about unburdening….focusing on what is important in our lives. That for the most part, we have more than we need, that the things in our lives are not as important as the people in our lives, and what we all can do together.

This holiday, more than any other, gives us the opportunity to think about our ancestors…over the centuries..that have given up so much for us to enjoy our freedom. And, that it is up to each of us to talk about it around our seder tables this year…to teach the next generation about the importance of this freedom that so many have given their lives for us to embrace. And not to take it for granted.

And, when the soup is simmering, the table is set, I hope that you will take a few minutes to read our first edition of our “New Outlook”, that have been arriving in mailboxes all over North America this week. We would love to hear from you…comments about the publication or suggestions for further topics…and don’t forget to read about the first installment in “100 Years of WLCJ”….with more to come!

From our family to all of yours….A Zissen Pesach!