February 19 Message

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday.” – Sally Koch


Shabbat Shalom!

Some weeks it takes me awhile to figure out what message I would like to share with all of you….but this week it was relatively easy!

Everyday as volunteers, both in our sisterhoods, synagogues, regions and WLCJ, we all have opportunities to “do good” every single day. Whether it is bring a meal to someone that is ill, driving carpool for a friend, taking someone to a doctor’s appointment or just making a phone call. All relatively small acts, but ones that connect us, and ones where we can make a difference.

I realized the other day, that WLCJ provides those same small opportunities to reach out, connect and help someone through our various listserv’s. But, then I thought, how many of our members even know what a “listserv” is, or that we have not one, but a variety of listserv’s to connect in a small way to our members.

So, what is a listserv? For our purposes, a listserv is a group of volunteers that are focused on a topic, that they are interested in, or that can help them in their positions in their sisterhood or region.

We have a listserv for our region area directors….one for all sisterhood presidents…we have one for all of our members….we have one for mothers that have children that have made aliyah….our WL Reads is a listserv….and we have one for Judaic shop chairs. Each listserv helps all of us, across North America and in Israel, to connect, ask questions, get answers, share information, and develop friendships because of our common interest in WLCJ and the Jewish world.

If one of these listserv’s that are mentioned, sounds interesting to you, please email Lois Silverman (lsilverman@wlcj.org) to join! It is as simple as that….and it can open up a world of interesting dialogue with women from all over! And, if you have an idea for a new listserv….please email me! We are always looking for new ideas and more ways to connect.

Wishing each of you a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat,