January 29 Message

“Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.” – Robert Redford


Shabbat Shalom!

Well…I hope that are “sisters” in the north…are faring better this Shabbat than last. I hope that the snow and ice are gone, the streets are cleared and that the sun shines this week.

Many of you have heard me say, “we have no problems, we have challenges and opportunities”. I guess Robert Redford and I are on the same page!

Last Shabbat some of you had to postpone your Sisterhood Shabbat plans because of the inclement weather..and I am sure that there were B’nai Mitzvot, weddings and other celebrations that were affected as well. When I heard from some of you that had to change plans, was that you turned the “problem” into an “opportunity”. One sisterhood is now partnering with their USY’ers this Shabbat, what an incredible way to turn Sisterhood Shabbat into something more….having our Jewish youth be a part of a Sisterhood Shabbat and be able to hear all of the wonderful things sisterhood does for the synagogue and for USY..and hopefully the young ladies will remember that when they get a bit older!

We have heard, that we plan and God laughs! Plans change, whether because of weather or a myriad of other reasons. What we, as leaders, sisterhood members and women need to focus on, is to figure out how to change it into an opportunity. When, as sisterhood members, we plan events and the turnout is not what we anticipated, rather than bemoan the numbers, look at it as an opportunity to really sit and talk with those that are there. Value those that came out to the event, learn about their passion, connect to those that are there with a smile and a welcoming attitude. Take advantage of the ability to have an intimate atmosphere.

If we look at everything in our lives, try to take each problem and see the opportunity in it!

Wishing each of you a sweet, peaceful and meaningful Shabbat,