November 6 Message


“Leadership is influence.” – John C. Maxwell

Shabbat Shalom!

As leaders we influence, we mentor, we guide. What type of leader are you?

Are you the type of leader that listens to your board and members? Or are you the leader that forges ahead with your own agenda and ideas because YOU think that you are right and your membership will see that in the end?

Are you the type of leader that takes credit for the status of your sisterhood or do you let everyone know that it is a team effort and the sisterhood could not be as successful without everyone involved?

Are you the type of leader that guides and stands back, quietly, and “kvells” as you see your members coming together and producing amazing events and programs?

Or are you the type of leader that reaches out to every women within your synagogue community to get them involved, looks for their taletns and passions to find just the place that they would fit within your sisterhood?

There are all types of leaders…personally I like to sit back and watch our WLCJ executive committee and board work together, collaborate and celebrate the successes together…regardless of where the idea came from. I like to have everyone involved in the process. To me a leader guides, shares ideas but does not need the limelight… that should be for everyone else.

So, what type of leader are you? Something to think about this Shabbat.

Wishing you a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat,