November 13 Message

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Shabbat Shalom!

Last night I attended a “healing circle” at my own sisterhood. We were a small group led by Sue Gurland (thank you, Sue) who is from Florida but has facilitated healing circles and yoga at our own WLCJ Conventions for the past few years. We thought about gratitude, peace, grounding our bodies, and learning the benefits of feeling grateful…that it is good for our bodies, minds and spirits.

Giving is what makes most of us not only feel grateful, but gives us our roots in our sisterhoods. That is the place that we feel happy…happy being with our sisterhoods and happy by what we can accomplish. Whether that feeling of accomplishment is working on an event, welcoming a new member, attending a region event, or I know that each of you could add one more “thing” that gives you that feeling of gratitude and what makes us happy. Take just one moment…what makes you happy? What comes to mind as you ask yourself what does being grateful mean to me? Family? Health? Peace in the world?

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner….we will be sitting around tables laden with good food and seats filled by family and good friends! The conversations around the table will be center around many topics, Israel, school, jobs, vacations, etc. This year I would like to ask you to include one more topic…#GivingTuesday! After “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, there is #GivingTuesday. it started several years ago, actually by a Jewish organization in New York City…to focus as we begin Chanukah celebrations, on giving.

This week, I am grateful for both of our Communications Team and Development Team and our Communications Director for working on our own #GivingTuesday project. Within several days, we had a focus for our #GivingTuesday project, the eblast was created and if you look at the WLCJ Facebook page you can read all about it. Our #GivingTuesday project is to raise even more $$$ to support the Study Days in Israel for our Masorti women. I encourage you to share the information, with everyone you know. How do you do that…well it is easy! Go to the WLCJ Facebook page, share it, go to your own Facebook page and share it with the public (that I learned is called sneezing) and hopefully even more people will learn of this very worthwhile project that we have been supporting for years.

Gratitude…think about that word this Shabbat. I know that I will. I am grateful for each of you, for what you do in our sisterhoods, for each member, for yourself.

Wishing you a peaceful and meaningful Shabbat,