Netanyahu at the UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly on October 1, 2013, although coverage of the address was largely eclipsed in the US media by the Federal government shutdown.

Netanyahu made it clear that Israel was prepared to act on its own, without the US, to prevent the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons. He also made it clear that were Israel to act alone, it would be acting for the good of all. Access Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address here.

Some Thoughts on the UN from our representatives:

We would like to tell you that even though the UN gets a bad rap because the General Assembly and Human Rights Commission automatically bash anything that Israel does, we also must realize all the good that the UN does accomplish.

In September 2000, Member States adopted a declaration committing their countries to reduce extreme poverty and promote basic human rights. The Millennium Development Goals had major victories. Although they fell short on many counts, there are a billion fewer people living below the international poverty line. Child mortality rates have decreased by more than 30 percent and Malaria deaths are down 30 percent.

Much more needs to be done, and the UN is now formulating a post 2015 agenda. Among the areas of interests on this agenda are the rights of women and children as well as maintaining sustainable energy and promoting peaceful and stable societies  to achieve lives of dignity for all.

Sandy Koppell, Lucy Becker and Barbara Glass
Women’s League UN Representatives