Keep KOACH Strong Today!

Together with Women’s League, you can help keep KOACH — the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s college outreach program — strong and healthy, a vibrant presence on college campuses across North America!

In keeping with its mission to perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism, Women’s League is again sponsoring the KOACH Kallah, which brings together Conservative student leaders from across the continent each February.

President Rita Wertlieb has said that Women’s League’s sponsorship of the KOACH kallah “sends a clear message that we are committed to providing all of our college students with opportunities to become passionate about being Conservative Jews committed to our traditions as well as to tikkun olam. We are thrilled to partner with United Synagogue in expanding the reach of KOACH. At the same time, we hope that our assistance will challenge KOACH to increase participation in the kallah and thereby increase our impact on the next generation of synagogue and sisterhood members.”

Join Rita and help Women’s League ensure that our movement does not lose the next generation of Conservative Jews! Donate today.

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