2010 Women’s League Shabbat

Le’avdah ul-shamrah – To Plant and Preserve

Women’s League continues to plant the seeds and preserve the tradition of Conservative Judaism through our education programs, Torah Fund campaign, Leadership Institutes, study days, and Women’s League Shabbat celebrations.

This Women’s League Shabbat booklet has been designed as a guide to aide you in preparing an educational, meaningful and spiritual experience for your sisterhood members. I encourage you to seek out and use the creative talents of your own women, as many of them have much to offer.

As we learn in Women’s League, no job should be done alone and so I personally would like to thank Women’s League President Cory Schneider and Renee Feinman, author of the devar Torah “Plant and Preserve,” who graciously gave of their time and knowledge. In addition, I’d like to extend a special todah rabah to Lisa Kogen, Women’s League Director of Education, for her guidance and wisdom.

I wish for every sisterhood within our Women’s League family to continue to plant and preserve – carrying out our mission – in preparing and executing a wonderful, meaningful Women’s League Shabbat for their members.


Sue Bengele
Women’s League Jewish Studies Chair