Conservative Movement Adopts Keruv Principles

After considerable review and discussion, in the fall of 2008 the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism (LCCJ) adopted principles of welcome and outreach to intermarried couples and their families. The LCCJ also established a keruv commission charged with developing materials to communicate the movement’s philosophy of welcoming. Members of the commission included rabbis and laypeople, representing United Synagogue, FJMC (Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs), and the Rabbinical Assembly, in addition to Women’s League.

The commission prepared a brochure to communicate the message with suggestions for its use by congregations and organizations and a list of programs for creating a warm and inviting culture of keruv.

In a broad movement like Conservative Judaism one size does not fit all. As a result the materials designed by the commission are customizable to local needs and standards.

As always, a congregation’s rabbi is the religious authority and must be consulted when a congregation establishes its own policy of keruv.