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Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is the network for all women who support our mission of enhancing Jewish knowledge, engaging in Jewish life, expanding communal involvement, and supporting klal Yisrael. It is for those who belong to affiliated sisterhoods and those who join directly. As an active arm of the Conservative / Masorti movement and the largest synagogue-based women’s organization worldwide, Women’s League provides service to thousands of women and hundreds of women’s groups.


WLCJ is thrilled to welcome
Debbi Kaner Goldich
as its 23rd International President.

News & Announcements

Debbi Kaner Goldich's Weekly President's Message

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WLCJ Convention 2020

Visit Convention Website to See Installation, Celebratory Concert and Virtual Ad Journal. To View All Convention Videos, Please Log into the MEMBERS SITE. ... Read More »

WL Online Programing and Sessions

See WL programs, seminars, and videos available online ... Read More »

WL Services to Members

A catalog of services and programs available to WL members ... Read More »

WL Services to Sisterhoods

A catalog of services and programs available to WL Sisterhoods ... Read More »

Torah Fund

Help preserve, promote, and perpetuate Conservative / Masorti Judaism through active giving to the Torah Fund Campaign. ... Read More »

Women's League Network

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Pre-Convention Workshops

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Personal Conversations

Personal Conversations are an opportunity to address everyday issues that really aren’t so every-day in discussions about obstacles and opportunities, where we are today and where we want to be in the future. ... Read More »

Jewels in the Crown

To see the Jewels in the Crown winners, click here. To download the complete Jewels in the Crown booklet, log onto wlcj.org. ... Read More »

Sisterhood Program Showcase

The Sisterhood Program Showcase is our newest way to highlight the innovative programs our Sisterhoods are creating in their communities. The first week of each month, we will introduce a Sisterhood program from one of four categories: General Programs, Jewish Family Life, Social Action, Fund Raising ... Read More »

Tefillin 101

Check out information about two exclusive workshops at our upcoming convention about women and tefillin. ... Read More »

Strengthening Conservative / Masorti Judaism at home, in our communities, and worldwide

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